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WAVcam Operation & Features

WAVcam’s powerful software acts as a force multiplier for operators responsible for wide area surveillance.

Operational overview and interface demonstration

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This scenario shows a single sensor WAVcam system deployed to overlook the entrance to the San Diego harbor, a critically important seaport. The installed sensor requires no control inputs from the system users; it continuously covers the entire 90º field of view and provides the entire view to system operators at a remotely located command center using standard wired or wireless communications paths.

Target movements are automatically detected. Highlighted targets and tracking history is presented effectively and intuitively to the system users. The WAVcam system operates as a stand alone or as an integrated part of a larger surveillance or domain awareness system via industry and government standard methods.

System operators employ their standard protocols for response and action team deployment using WAVcam’s persistent, wide field of view and full resolution windows to anticipate the need for actions and communicate the situations to the team. During the response activity, WAVcam continues to provide continuous video surveillance of the entire viewing area, ensuring that the system operators are alerted to any new actions that may be attempted by additional targets employing spoofing or distraction tactics. These additional actions may also be viewed in full resolution, allowing for very effective multiple-threat response.

During the engagement, operators are able to quickly review past events using WAVcam’s continuously stored video data and then immediately return to the current action. After the engagement the stored video and metadata is available for thorough after-action review and forensics. Intuitive and complete DVR controls, including an innovative drag-to-scan function, allow the operator to easily and quickly scan and find imagery segments of interest from up to 30 days (or more) in the past. A clip save function is used to mark and identify the segments as video clips for protected storage within the WAVcam system or to be exported to an external archive. These clips remain available for after-action review or other actionable purpose. Video from live images and clips can be selected and saved as standard movie files for export and playback with widely available computer media players.

WAVcam’s operational features

  • One WAVcam sensor provides wide area domain awareness - Simultaneous 90º wide area and high resolution coverage.
  • Each WAVcam video frame is typically 50 to 80 Mpixels, includes change detect history and is updated at a rate of approximately 1 to 2 WAVs (wide angle view) per second.
  • The patent-pending change detect history/tracking display is intuitively easy to understand. The display indicates the target’s current and past locations, relative horizontal velocity and size - effectively an easily recognized target signature that instantly informs system operators of all activity in the entire wide area field of view.
  • Visible and Midwave IR WAVcam models sensors are available.
  • The entire wide area view,(the WAV),is displayed to the operator - providing true situational awareness on the display configuration of their choice - typically on multiple large screen displays.
  • Users can click on any area in the WAV view to display a full resolution window, effectively showing up to 80x zoom. Multiple such windows can be simultaneously displayed.
  • DVR and archive functions allow immediate situation review and forensic analysis. Familiar user controls, much like a typical Digital Video Recorder, are simple.
Pictured here is a scene from the Port of Los Angeles overlooking Angel's Gate.

WAVcam interface demonstration

ISA has found that the most expedient way to provide a demostration of the WAVcam features and functions is via a GoToMeeting session.