WAVcam from Innovative Signal Analysis, Inc.

WAVcam Purchasing & Setup

WAVcam’s available configurations, options, and what to expect after purchasing.

Purchasing WAVcam

Delivered WAVcam systems include Sensor Subsystems, (daytime, night time or combination of both), and Video Processors/Servers completely configured for operation.  The System also includes an unlimited number of viewing licenses for the installation of the client software that may be installed on any of our customer’s computers.  Systems include a 12 month warranty.  Extended hardware and software support contracts are also available.
Delivered systems do not include network infrastucture or sensor mounting structural facilities.

We work with qualified WAVcam customers to determine recommended system configurations and sensor subsystem placement. During and immediately after system delivery, we support our customers to determine proper network settings for connections to customer networks and complete system overview/training of WAVcam operators and field support personnel.

We offer available engineering services to support integration of WAVcam with downstream systems such a common operating environment or common operation picture system.

Contact us for full details about our software license, warranty and support agreements, and available engineering support services.

System configuration options

WAVcam System Sensors Model Designator Processors Model Designator Clients
Visible WAVcam System-A yes yes yes
MWIR WAVcam System-A yes yes yes
VIS/MWIR WAVcam System-A yes yes yes yes
Visible WAVcam System-S yes yes yes yes
MWIR WAVcam System-S yes yes yes yes
VIS/MWIR WAVcam System-S yes yes yes yes yes
Sensor Focal Length Options
Sensor Type Lens Focal Length Option
Visible 100 mm -100
Visible 200 mm -200
MWIR 80 mm -80
MWIR 135 mm -135
MWIR 160 mm -160
Video Data Storage Options
Data Storage Option
336 Hrs -S1
672 Hrs -S2
1008 Hrs -S3m